S2650T - Soft start - soft stop control box with alternance + alarm.

Command and protection of pumps used in hydro-pneumatic centrals and for pumping of effluents with 2 pumps.

  • Polyester box 615x415x230 mm grey RAL7035.
  • Progressive Starters from Schneider.
  • General power cut switch.
  • Alternating relay for alternance and simultaneity command.
  • Sequence phase failure relay for protection in change or lack of phase.
  • Module for command and alarm signaling.
  • Automatic functioning, manual or OFF, controlled in each pump independently by a 3 position toggle switch.
  • Accoustic alarm functioning in automatic (AUT), test or OFF (0), by a 3 position toggle switch, without interfering with the light alarm.
  • Connection with reduced tension  (12V) for remote  Start/Stop of the motor (C41-C42, C51-C52, C61-C62) (pressure switch, float switch or other).
  • Connection with reduced tension (12V) por general safety remote command  (C11-C12)(pressure switch, float switch or other).
  • Connection  with  reduced  tension (24V) for remote individual safety command (C21-C22, C31-C32).
  • Connection with reduced tension  (12V) for remote command of the alarm (C71-C72)   (pressure switch, float switch or other).
  • Protection of the command circuit through a fuse.
  • Protection of the power circuit against short-circuits and overloads through a circuit-breaker.
  • Indication of phase presence of the command circuit (yellow signal lamp).
  • Individual indication of motor running (green signal lamps).
  • Overload trip individual indication (red signal lamps).
  • Indication of change or lack of phase (red signal lamp).
  • Indication of alarm ON (red signal lamp).
  • 9 Cable glands.


Order codes

6 ~ 10 A
9 ~ 12 A
13 ~ 18 A
17 ~ 22 A
20 ~ 25 A
24 ~ 32 A