A3450 - Alternating control box with alarm for 3 electric pumps.

Control and protection of water pumps used in hydropneumatic stations and pumping systems with 3 pumps.

  • 615x415x230 mm grey polyester box.
  • Contactors and motor circuit breakers of the selected trademarks.
  • General power switch.
  • Alternating relay for control of alternance and simultaneity.
  • Protection against phase change or phase failure by a phase sequence/ failure relay (if triphase).
  • Command module and alarm signaling.
  • Automatic, Manual or Off, mode system controlled in each pump independently by a 3 positions toggle switch.
  • Automatic (AUT) test or OFF (0) functioning of the acoustic alarm by a 3 position switch, without interfering with the light alarm.
  • Connection with reduced tension (12V) for motor start/Stop remote control connection (C51-C52, C61-C62, C71-C72) (pressureswitch, float-switch or other).
  • Safety remote control connection with reduced tension (12V) (C11-C12) (pressure-switch, floatswitch or other).
  • Individual safety control connection with reduced tension (C21-C22, C31-C32, C41-C42).
  • Connection with reduced tension (12V) for remote alarm command (C81-C82) (pressure-switch, floatswitch or other).
  • Protection of the control circuit by a fuse.
  • Protection of the power circuit against short-circuits and overloads by a motor circuit breaker.
  • Phases presence indication (yellow signal lamp).
  • Running motor individual indication (green signal lamp).
  • Overload trip individual indication (red signal lamp).
  • Alarm ON indication (red signal lamp).
  • Phase change or phase failure indication (red signal lamp).
  • 9 cable glands for connection cables.


Order codes

1,6 ~ 2,5 A
2,5 ~ 4,0 A
4,0 ~ 6,3 A
6,0 ~ 10 A
9,0 ~ 14 A
1,6 ~ 2,5 A
2,5 ~ 4,0 A
4,0 ~ 6,3 A
6,0 ~ 10 A
9,0 ~ 14 A