452PROBD24P - Level control through pump consumption (40A) - Clean Water.

Digital electronic relay, specially developed for command and protection of motors and submersible pumps, through voltage and current control.

  • Modular box (3 modules) para aplication in calha DIN.
  • Maximum and minimum intensities programable from 0 to 40.0 A.
  • Automatic re-start with programable period of time from 1 to 99 minutes.
  • Alarm for overcurrent, excessive number of starts or excessive periode of time of motor running, programable from 1 to 999 min.
  • Indication through LEDs of relay with supply tension (PWR), closed start / stop command (COM), output relay ON (OUT) and alarm ON (AL).
  • Indication on the display, the motor’s consumption, open start/stop command,  high-tension, low-tension, excessive number of starts, overload and undervoltage, motor’s excessive operating time errors and standby periode for automatic restart.
  • Side indication of the wiring scheme and operating diagram.

Technical characteristics

  • Supply voltage: AC: 230V (Outras tensões sob consulta)
  • Supply tolerance: -15%…+10%
  • Power consumption: < 3VA
  • Dimensions: (L) 54mm x (A) 90mm x (D) 68mm
  • Output relay:
    • Max. power rating: 1500VA (6A/250V)
    • Max. switching voltage: 400V

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