411RXPE1202 - Command Relay for Automatic Fuel Supply System

  • Plastic box with an 11 pin circular plug
  • 3 position switch: automatic, OFF and manual (with return).
  • Indication of fuel level on the main deposit, trhough bicolor LED.
  • Indication of fuel on the daily deposit, through two LEDs.
  • Indication of pump command relay ON (1-3), through green LED.
  • Indication of alarm ON (11-9), through red LED.
  • Indication of relay with supply tension (2-10), through yellow LED.
  • Front indication of the relay’s nominal supply tension.
  • Side indication of connection scheme.
  • Side indication of switching diagram.

Technical characteristics

  • Detection circuits sensitivity range: 0 to 80 Kohm
  • Supply voltage: 230VAC (other voltages on request)
  • Supply tolerance: 15%…+10%
  • Power consumption: < 3VA
  • Dimensions: (W) 35mm x (H) 79mm x (P) 77mm
  • Output relay:
    • Max. power rating:2500VA (10A/250V)
    • Max. switching voltage: 400VAC

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