Protection in the Changing or Failure/Asymmetry of Phases

  • Plastic box with an 11 pin circular plug.
  • Output relay on (1-3), indicated by a green LED.
  • Supply voltage indicated on the front of the relay.
  • Wiring scheme indicated on the side of the relay.
  • Switching diagram indicated on the side of the relay.

Technical characteristics

  • Maximum acceptable voltage drop: 0 to 15% Un.
  • Delay on operation/releasing: 2s (approx.) .
  • Power supply voltage: AC: 230V.
  • Power consumption: < 3VA.
  • Dimensions: (W) 35mm x (H) 79mm x (P) 77mm.
  • Output relay:
    • Max. power rating: 2500VA (10A/250V).
    • Max. switching voltage: 400VAC.

Order codes