131SA - Discontactor control box with Phase sequence/failure relay + alarm

Command and protection of motors used on the extraction of residual waters or other efluents.

  • Plastic Box 350x250x140 mm in grey ABS RAL7035 with hinge and transparent lid in policarbonate.
  • Contactor and overload relay of the selected brands. 
  • Sequence Phase / Failure relay for protection in case of change or lack of phase.
  • Automatic acoustic alarm functioning (AUT), test or OFF (0), mode system controlled by a 3 positions toggle switch with rubber cap, without interfering with the light alarm.
  • Protection against short-circuits by a circuit breaker.
  • Protection against overloads by an overload relay.


Order codes

2,5 ~ 4,0 A
4,0 ~ 6,0 A
5,5 ~ 8,0 A
7,0 ~ 10 A
9,0 ~ 13 A