1213A - Command and protection control box with general switch + alarm.

Command and protection of pumps used in the extraction of residual water and other efluents.

  • 200x125x110 mm Plastic box in ABS, RAL 7035 grey , with hinge.
  • Motor-protector of the selected trademark.
  • Exterior handle (of the motor-protector) for gen. power supply cut (0) or automatic functioning(1).
  • Acoustic and light alarm with a “reset” switch, alowing to shut down the acoustic alarm until new anomaly, without interfering in any case with the light alarm.
  • Connection for remote Start command (C11-C12) (float-switch, pressure-switch or other).
  • Protection against short-circuits by a motor-protector.
  • Protection against overcharges by a motor-protector.
  • Overload trip indication (handle of the motor-protector in a 45º position).
  • Alarm ON indication (red signal lamp).
  • 3 Cable glands.


Order codes

1,6 ~ 2,5 A
2,5 ~ 4,0 A
4,0 ~ 6,3 A
6,3 ~ 10 A
10 ~ 16 A