00M1212 - Quadro de alarme para separador de gorduras e hidrocarbonetos

Control of the grease level on the grease separation deposits.

  • Plastic box 335x340x160 mm grey RAL 7035.
  • Level Relay (RND20) for monitoring the water level.
  • Power – Supply (FAL 10) 10VA  230V/18V.
  • Alarm module (MCS-AL) with acoustic and light alarm included and with a 3 position toggle switch, allowing to keep the acoustic alarm in automatic functioning (AUT), test (teste) or OFF (0), without interfering with the light alarm.
  • Protection against short-circuits through a circuit breaker.
  • Indication of alarm ON (Red LED of the alarm module) (for warning in case of excessive grease accumulation or lack of water on the grease separator deposit).


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